We tailor our material to address your very particular needs, or indeed design fully bespoke courses to fit your detailed requirements. We work with you to help your community group get the most out of your sessions. One-to-one sessions are available. Groups of private individuals or employees can also arrange training sessions with us - please contact us to find out more.

Life, Laughter, Music and Money
You  will have so much fun on this colourful and interactive course that teaches you how  take  control of your money and find ways to make life better for you and your family.
It includes stress relief, confidence boosting, goal setting and money management techniques that will help you feel more in control and look forward to a brighter future.
It’s a six week programme with weekly 2½ hour sessions held at your local Children’s Centre, School or Community group, followed by ongoing support through Facebook. Follow up sessions can also be arranged.

Employability Coaching
It includes a six week course helping individuals decide who they are, where they would best fit into the workplace, their working and management styles, how best to present themselves and how to get themselves on the employment ladder. Includes elements on "citizenship", career development, CVs, people skills and how working can affect your finances.

Safe to Create
Aimed at broadening your horizons and helping you identify ways to improve your lifestyle.
This course provides self-development and confidence-building strategies; it is aimed at individuals or groups who want to unlock their potential, improve communication skills, and set and achieve personal goals.

This is a six week course that starts by helping to make your home a welcoming haven, by giving approaches to identify items in your home that you no longer need, and that can be recycled, sold on, or passed on to others that might need them. Many attendees benefit from extending decluttering their physical possessions to getting rid of emotional clutter, and even financial clutter; the course helps to develop an attitude and strategies that improve focus and clarity across all aspects of living, reducing stress and saving money.